There will be a one hour lunch break with optional activities each day from 12-1pm. 11th to 14th: 8.30am-5pm Vessels are open for viewing.

10th Nov

Crews and vessels start arriving. All crews are invited to the annual VIPCA membership meeting at 5pm, followed by the Crew Party sponsored by Denison Yacht Sales and Fat Turtle. Vessel registration opens 9am.

11th Nov

DAY 1. Vessels will be open for viewing from 8.30am - 5pm. Arrival of Charter Brokers from the BVI Charter Yacht Show. Charter Broker Registration opens 9am.

5-8pm: In place of the previously planned Marine Expo instead we will hold a donations sorting station (organisied by My Brother’s Workshop Hurricane Relief) followed by a conference/round table with crew and brokers to discuss how best to focus the CFVI Marine Rebuild Fund and a pragmatic approach to charter operation next season including relief efforts by charter guests. A slideshow of the bays present existing state will be show by VIPCA.

12th Nov

DAY 2: Vessels open for viewing 8.30am - 5pm. 9am-4pm Culinary competition being held in support for My Brother’s Workshop and run by their Hurricane Relief Kitchen’s Chef and Celebrity Boxer Julius Jackson. Theme: VI COFFEE

5.30pm-8pm “Speak Easy” themed Yacht Hop, optional to vessles.

13th Nov

DAY 3: Vessels open for viewing 8.30am - 5pm. 5.30pm Dinner and Awards ceremony sponsored by Bohlke Air, Yacht Chandlers, Fresh, Grand Cru and Urban Eats.

14th Nov

DAY 4: Vessels open for viewing 8.30am - 4pm. VIPCA invites all vessels to participate in the "Marine Youth Development Day". The USVI school children will have the chance visit the docks and meet the crew and learn about the VIPCA apprenticeship and scholarship opportunities in the Marine Charter Industry. Brokers and Crew not involved in the Schools Open Day are invited volunteer in a hurricane relief effort held at Yacht Haven Grand - task TBC nearer the time.


If you are a vessel registering don't forget to process your registration with a 50% discount by signing-up with VIPCA Vessel Membership.

Charter Brokers, we are proud to be sponsored by CYBA and invite you to attend the show for free!

Register as a Vessel or Charter Broker and reserve your berth early with Yacht Haven Grande.

Please email if you have any suggestions for the Charter Yacht Show, or any questions.