Charter Itineraries


The photos beneath were taken exclusively in the USVIs during the 2018 Season by Steve McCauley, Charter Caribe and Phil Blake, Yacht Haven Grande

U.S. Virgin Islands VIPCA recommended itinerary!


Start @ Yacht Haven Grande, STT


Day 1

Lunch: Frenchman Bay, STT (ABI Beach Bar)

Night: Maho Bay, STJ


Day 2

Lunch: Waterlemon, STJ (Annaberg Plantation / snorkel)

Night: Coral Bay, STJ


Day 3

Lunch: Lameshur Bay, STJ (hike Rams Head / snorkel)

Night: Salt Pond, STJ


Day 4

Lunch: Honeymoon by dinghy, STJ (hike Caneel to Cruz Bay for shopping)

Night: Caneel Bay to dingy into Cruz Bay, STJ (restaurants and night life)


Day 5

Lunch: Christmas Cove, STT (Pizza Pi / snorkel)


Lunch: Lovango Cay, STT (snorkel)

Night: Magen’s Bay, STT (watersports)


Day 6

Lunch: Mermaid’s Chair, STT (snorkel)

Night: Brewer’s Bay, STT (night dive Flat Cay)


Day 7

Lunch: Flat Cay, STT (snorkel / dive Miss Opportunity wreck)

Night: Honeymoon Beach, STT (beach bar)


Night: Buck Island, STT (snorkel with turtles)


Day 8

Yacht Haven Grande, STT


The photos beneath were taken exclusively in the BVIs during the 2018 Season by Kristi and Brad Marquart, Captain & Chef onboard S/V Genesis and Chester and Jen Le Roux, Captain & Chef onboard S/V Euphoria

British Virgin Islands Updates since 2017 Hurricanes...

Route update March 2018 with thanks to Travis Kruger and Missy Kom, S/V Pisces:


  1. West End
    1. Customs dock is open for clearing vessels and passengers.  Dumpster nearby for dropping off trash.
    2. Sopers Hole Marina not running
    3. Taxis available at customs dock
  2. Nanny Cay
    1. Nanny Cay Marina office open (ice available)
    2. Fuel and water dock open
    3. Grocery open
    4. Bluewater Divers open
    5. Bar and restaurant open
    6. Chandlery open
    7. Boatyard and riggers open
  3. Rhode Town
    1. Customs Office open
    2. Provisioners and yacht services available
  4. Hodge Creek Marina
    1. Sail Caribbean Divers offering gear rental and delivery. No tank fills
  5. Trellis Bay
    1. Market is open on Fri, Sat, and Sunday
    2. Deep Blue (Kevin and G) (284)541-1397 delivery service available for ice and trash
  6. Cane Garden
    1. Just got power restored and everyone is rebuilding quickly
    2. Myetts Restaurant and Bar is open
    3. Paradise Club Bar open

Jost Van Dyke

  1. Great Harbour
    1. Customs dock open to clear vessels and passengers
    2. North Lattitude open for fuel and water and provisions
    3. Handful of bars and restaurants open (Foxys, etc.)
  2. White Bay
    1. Soggy Dollar
    2. Hendos
    3. Jewels

Ivans ( limited)

  1. Little Harbour – nothing
  2. Diamond Cay
    1. Mooring good
    2. Bubbling pool hike is messy but still bubbles
  3. Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit still beautiful

Norman Island

  1. Bight
    1. Caves and privateer bay moorings good
    2. The Club is open as Pirates Bight with limited menu good dock
    3. Kellys Cove moorings good
  2. Indians are beautiful

Peter Island

  1. Little Harbour great anchorage
  2. Great Harbour moorings good
  3. PIYC and Resort closed

Salt Island

  1. Rhone moorings good
  2. Bow section of wreck has collapsed and entry is limited and not suitable for inexperienced divers

Cooper Island

  1. Moorings are good
  2. CIBC is scheduled to be open Apr 1st
  3. Deliverence is back up and running (284)340-8075 or Ch 16.

Virgin Gorda

  1. Baths are beautiful and shops are open Top of Baths open
  2. Spanish Town
    1. Customs house open
    2. VGYH office open for fuel ice and water
    3. Dive BVI open for fills
    4. Coco Maya open menu limited
  3. Kodiak Queen Dive site – wreck is still upright but sculpture is damaged
  4. Leverick Bay
    1. Fuel dock is partially open. Any day for ice and water
    2. Jumbies beach bar open. Happy Arrgh show with pirate Beans mon-wed
    3. Spa open
  5. Bitter End – nope
  6. Saba Rock – nope
  7. Prickly Pear Beach club destroyed buy nice beach
  8. Taxis
    1. Sweet Ice Willy (284)544-8073
    2. Nats (284)495-5297 or Ch16


  1. Most everything still good there