Chartering Regulation Guidance

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Uninspected Passenger Vessels

Is your vessel a U.S. Flagged UPV legally operating with the correct number of passengers with the correct documentation?

The below steps are the minimum standards of compliance. Please see the USCG website and guidebook for official advice, this is a guideline only.

If only operating within the U.S. Virgin Islands then see STEP ONE.

If also operating in International waters then see STEP TWO.

Foreign- flagged vessels skip to STEP THREE.



OUPV licence

U.S. Flagged vessels operating only in the U.S. Virgin Islands can operate with a "SIX PACK" (up to 6 passengers). The following must be current as a minimum requirement:

OUPV 6 Pack license / Masters license


US Citizenship or Green Card

Vessel Registration

Business Licence

National Park Sticker


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To operate in International Waters or with up to 12 passengers (USVI also) on a U.S. flagged vessel special permission can be granted for your vessel to operate as a TWELVE  PACK. Contact the U.S. Coast Guard to see if your vessel complies. You will likely be advised that your vessel requires the following:

Basic STCW Training

Merchant Mariner Credential 

US Citizenship or Green Card or C1/D 

Yellow Code COI (MCA)  (Power with 1-12 passengers)

Blue Code COI (MCA)  (Sail with 1-12 passengers)

BVI Boat Masters 

Pay BVI Cruising Taxes and Cruising Permits

Ship Stations Licence

Correct number of crew per Passenger License



If your vessel is Foreign flagged and your crew are not US citizens, you may only pick-up and drop off guests in the US Virgin Islands IF your crew carry valid B1/B2 visa or C-1/D visas. Conducting charters in the U.S. Virgin Islands is not permitted if it is to be considered to be "U.S. employment", however transit through the U.S. Virgin Islands with your guests is permitted. Captain must hold a valid license (equivalent to USCG Master 100) issued from a source appropriate to his/her nationality.

Next Steps...

Prior to leaving and re-entering the U.S. Virgin Islands an electronic notice of arrival and departure must be filed by the Captain or appointed designee. At create an account and a template for filing submissions.

Any changes in departure/arrival time (within a six hour window) or changes in crew or passengers must be reported prior to departure/arrival.

Moorings in the BVI marine park can be purchased at the time of check in at Immigration and Customs. For BVI Clearance Procedures

Edward Wilmoth Blyden Marine Terminal, St. Thomas 877.305.8774 | 8 am-5 pm Seven Days a Week

Cruz Bay CBP Terminal, St. John 877.305.8775 | 7 am-6 pm Seven Days a Week

Gallows Bay, St. Croix 340.773.1011 | 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday |  After Hours: 340.773.1490


For information specific to the British Virgin Islands:

For information specific to the Spanish Virgin Islands: