Schools Open Day: Charter Yacht Show

VIPCA is proud to be hosting a Schools Open Day on the 14th Nov of the Charter Yacht Show and: Click HERE! for the press release.

14th Nov at YHG: Schools Open Day at the Charter Yacht Show

0900 60 Students arrive at Yacht Haven Grande in buses from CAHS, I.KEAN, Boys&Girls Club, MVP, Boxing club, Montessori.

0915 Students seated (location either ex.Havana Nines or ex.Coach shop)
0915 1st Speaker: Introduction by Oriel Blake (2 minutes)
0920 2nd Speaker: Larry Benjamin (5 minutes about what boats are really all about and why island life could equal an on-the-water career)
0925 3rd Speaker: Capt.Gillderoy (5 minutes about his own life experience)
0930 4th Speaker: Adam Reeve (5 minutes presentation about apprenticeships with cruise ship excursions 8 weeks for 8 students
0935 5th Speaker: Tyler Rice TBC (5 mins presentation about Bow Sailing)
0940 6th Speaker: Margery Smith (3 mins introduction to jobs on ferries)
0945 Final Speaker: Oriel Blake to wrap up the talk: Apprenticeships available and Scholarship Scheme for successful candidates (max 8 students).
0950 Q&A Charter Yacht Crew, Cruise Ship Excursions, Smith Ferries, Charter Yacht Companies
1015 Groups of 8 with supervisors: Dock Walk around the yachts – each group boards one vessel already pre-selected for viewing. Tour lead by the Yacht Crew.
1115 Students load into buses to return to their schools.