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Many Northern Caribbean industries have been affected by the horrendous hurricanes of 2017; in the Virgin Islands we recognise that charter yachts could ink in the gap left by hotels closed for refurbishment. We encourage holiday makers, even wedding parties, to convey their vacation onto a floating hotel - their own charter yacht. We are lucky that the Virgin Islands’ charter industry depends on the natural beauty of its’ cruising grounds, which have bounced back with a remarkably green, and sparkly clean, “hurricane washed” beauty. At the VI Professional Charter Association, we are happy to see the hope brought by charter guests spending their vacation in the Virgin Islands this year. Guests not only still want to seek the beauty of our quiet and pristine beaches, but also, they hope to help everyone rebuild. By viewing their charter as a form of hurricane relief charter guests can enjoy our beaches, bars and restaurants while contributing to the economy getting back on its feet – chartering for a cause.

The VI Professional Charter Association is the U.S. Virgin Islands non-profit marine charter association.

VIPCA unifies, supports and furthers the capabilities of the marine charter industry within the U.S. Virgin Islands by providing compliance guidance, youth training, and one voice to assist in the development of industry standards for the continued growth and strength of the charter industry. Our objective is to represent the crew, vessels, charter brokers and marine vendors while advocating a positive reputation locally and internationally.

Members include crew, day and term-charter vessels, charter companies, marine service providers, charter brokers and marine vendors.

Like to volunteer with marine cleanups or youth training?

The Marine Rebuild Fund (MRF) is a marine-focused non-profit initiative operating with fiscal oversight provided by the Community Foundation of Virgin Islands (CFVI) to help rebuild, clean up and, by encouraging marine tourism to return to the USVI, providing cash infusion into the USVI economy during a time of great need. Its projects include laying, maintaining and managing new transient moorings, providing VI youth marine training and providing sustainable clean-up efforts at water sheds, in bays and mangroves. You can donate at or or directly at the

The Marine Rebuild Fund is a tax exempt 501(c)3 charity founded by VIPCA with CZM, VIHATA, STYC & Pizza Pi

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…. Provides access to discounted Hull and P&I Insurance as well as discounts and benefits from various marine businesses, services and marinas…. and 50% off USVI Charter Yacht Show Registration 2017!

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… Provides access to affordable Medical Insurance as well as discounts and benefits from various marine businesses, services and marinas.

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Brokers, Associates and Vendors: with BRONXE memberships receive a discount to register for the USVI Charter Yacht Show and be included in the online Marine Directory with a button for clicks to your website, or for SILVER and GOLD memberships place an advert in the Charter Yacht Show ebook/brochure or sponsor the event. 

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All memberships contribute to VIPCA’s projects and initiates!

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