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The VI Professional Charter Association is the U.S. Virgin Islands non-profit marine charter association.

VIPCA unifies, supports and furthers the capabilities of the marine charter industry within the U.S. Virgin Islands by providing compliance guidance, youth training, and one voice to assist in the development of industry standards for the continued growth and strength of the charter industry. Our objective is to represent the crew, vessels, charter brokers and marine vendors while advocating a positive reputation locally and internationally.

Members include crew, day and term-charter vessels, ferries, water taxis, charter companies, marine service providers, charter brokers and marine vendors.

The Marine Rebuild Fund (MRF) is a marine-focused non-profit initiative operating with fiscal oversight provided by the Community Foundation of Virgin Islands (CFVI) to help rebuild, clean up and, by encouraging marine tourism to return to the USVI, providing cash infusion into the USVI economy during a time of great need. Its projects include laying, maintaining and managing new transient moorings, providing sustainable clean-up efforts at water sheds, in bays and mangroves, and providing VI youth marine training with on-the-water apprenticeships and a marine trade school - My Brother's Marine Workshop.

The Marine Rebuild Fund is a tax exempt 501(c)3 charity established by VIPCA

You can donate at or or directly at the



Vessel Membership

…. Provides access to discounted Hull and P&I Insurance as well as discounts and benefits from various marine businesses, services and marinas…. and access to the USVI Charter Yacht Show!

Vessel Membership

Crew Membership

… Provides access to affordable Medical Insurance as well as discounts and benefits from various marine businesses, services and marinas.

Crew Membership

Broker / Associate / Vendor Membership

Brokers, Associates and Vendors:

  • Provide access to the USVI Charter Yacht Show
  • Advertise your business online, in the VI Marine Directory App and in print
  • Option for a Marine Expo booth / table at the USVI Charter Yacht Show


Broker, Associate or Vendor Membership

All memberships contribute to VIPCA’s projects and initiates!

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